Keep the peace. Do good. Be Shameless.

My name is Lyanne. I love my life. 18. SFSU. Writer, artist, tea drinker, bacon lover.

Haven’t written in a while

So I just wanted to talk update a little.

Around me.

There’s a computer and books and a green smoothie. There’s a letter written on softball to me from Georgie, an ukulele, a copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a family photo, a rosary, and school supplies. So nothing has really changed.

Inside of me.

An omelet, cuppa coffee, half a green smoothie, organs and shit. So nothing has really changed there, either.

Further inside of me.

Perspective. Well that’s changed a little. I used to go about life looking at everyone and everything and feeling judged without even meeting them. Everyone laughing is laughing at me. Everyone upset is upset, because I’m upsetting them. I envied those who are happy and upset at those who aren’t. I made no sense. But now, things are better, and I’m back to winging it. I like winging it; it keeps things interesting. I recently started going to the gym, and that kinda changed a lot for me, because I’m less tired, I feel better about myself, and it forces me to eat better, because everything I worked for will have been for nothing if I didn’t. I’m on the bikes most of the time, then I do some arms, legs, and things that I don’t need the gym for like abdominal exercises, squats, and lunges are done at the house. I have two off days: Saturday and Sunday. I mean, I need my off days, and cheat days! But yeah, been doing well so far. Hopefully things will stay this way, but I already know it will stop being so greatbecause my perspective has changed.

If you feel good about life, life is good.


Everyone says, “Follow your dreams. Be who you want to be. Work hard.” My dream is to be a mom. That’s basically it. I mean there are jobs that I am aiming for, there are life goals that I want to achieve, but when I think about being a mom and all the amazing moms I know, that’s all I want to be. I want to change diapers. I want to get up at 6:30 every morning to make my kids sandwiches for their lunch. I want to pay their college tuitions. I want to watch them grow.

And I’m way too young to be thinking about all of this stuff, too. I have like the next 10-12 years to think about being a mom! But for some reason, when I think about my future, that’s what I see.

Bless Jordan Malone for posting all of this behind the scenes footage!

I died at the beginning. Baby boy singing my jam.

Super proud of these boys, by the way. Amazing amazing amazing and from the looks of it, they seem like good people.

Items I must acquire before Summer

  • nikkor fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8g ed
  • running pants
  • leggings
  • nike acg trainerendors
  • nike flyknit lunar1+
  • vans sk8 hi’s in maroon
  • nike air max 90 black/volt/dark gray

i’m low on bottoms.


This photo was taken in January of 2013 at Savelugu School for the Deaf in Ghana, West Africa. The students are incredibly talented artists, and this photo was taken on the day we finished the project.

- Peace Corps Education Volunteer Kate Barclay


This photo was taken in January of 2013 at Savelugu School for the Deaf in Ghana, West Africa. The students are incredibly talented artists, and this photo was taken on the day we finished the project.

- Peace Corps Education Volunteer Kate Barclay


I had a really good day at The Hundreds warehouse sale! My brother (not pictured), cousin, and I met Bobby Hundreds (Co-Founder of the brand). He was just really kind and funny and just had an overall good vibe flowing throughout. And even though we didn’t get a Golden Ticket, it was still really cool. (I really wanted to get the Nickel board, man!) It’s all good though, because I just feel super blessed at the fact that I’m able to even go out and do this kinda stuff and drop $100 on things that I really want and buy things for people I love. Complete success! And also, I’m inspired to make more art, and I’m excited to see where that goes.

Something just happened that made me SO angry. These two family members were talking about my mom and saying that she makes too much food and how it’s not even good or whatever. Well, coming from someone who enjoys her food and loves her, I think she’s awesome for making lots of food. See, at least this way people who she loves and cares for (i.e. these people who we’re talking shit about her) have something to eat whether they like it or not. It’s a nice thing to do to cook for someone and often it’s not easy. I see my mom working a full time job and then coming home to make food for orders and just because she thinks it’s the right thing to do to bring food for extended family, especially now that my grandma’s in the hospital. They just took food for granted and made her seem like an asshole for doing something good for them. I’ll admit it, mom makes a lot of food and sometimes it doesn’t get finished, but she makes it with the assumption that these people will eat it. People who go behind her back and talk about her like this. (And as far as she knows, everyone loves her cooking. And the last time I checked, everyone did. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone say anything bad about my mom. I’m dead serious, too.) They should just be thankful that she cares enough about them to make them anything, because she could just stop one day and no one, including me, her number 1 fan, is going to be able to eat her food.